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From time-to-time you'll have little issues that are more of a nuisance and you may need some quick results to get you through the day and help you do your job.  With this in mind, BB Techs has compiled a list of some of the more common tools needed to resolve your issues.  If the downloads provided are not fixing your issues, please feel free to contact us for further support.




















Quick Fixes


File Name

License Date
ZoneAlarm v5.0.590.015 Free May-04
Get protection for DSL and cable connections with this free utility.
Ad-aware v6.0 Free Mar-04
An excellent cleaner of spyware and adware.
Microsoft DirectX v9.0b Free Mar-04
Improve the performance of games and multimedia programs with the latest version of this driver.
Startup Control Panel v2.6 Free Mar-04
Automatically launch programs when your system starts up, with this free utility.
WinPatrol v7.0 Free Jun-04
Kill off unwanted background programs like worms, adware, and spyware.
WinRescue 2000 v2.07.1 Demo Apr-04
Troubleshoot your system, back up your Registry, and test your printer connection.
Microsoft Windows Media Player v9.0 Free Aug-03
For use on 98 SE/2000/ME.  *Media Player can open you up to security breeches.
Microsoft Windows Media Player v9.0 Free Aug-03
For use on XP.  *Media Player can open you up to security breeches.
Asterisk Key 6.1 Free Aug-03
Forgot your password? Utility recovers passwords hidden under asterisks.
PrintFolders v2.1 Free Aug-03
Print out your folders and save lists of files in plain text.
dBpowerAMP Music Converter v10 Free Aug-03
Got your sounds in the wrong format? Convert digital music with this utility.
Mobile Net Switch v2.4 Shareware Aug-03
Save time and avoid frustration by saving and sorting multiple network settings.



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